The newly developed midsole material with rebound effect returns a very high proportion of the energy expended by the wearer. As a result, the wearer experiences a significant reduction in muscle fatigue – even over long distances or a long day at work. In addition, the outsole made of soft TPU optimises power transmission in the stride sequence.

Phase 1:

Weight-adjusted cushioning in the heel area thanks to the SECURA VARIO®-system.

Phase 2:

Uniform load on the entire tread.

Phase 3:

Rolling over the forefoot, the metatarsophalangeal joint and the big toe. The rebound material in the midfoot and forefoot area supports the leverage for the next step.

Competition 1

Keep your perspective.

Thanks to the weight-dependent heel cushioning system SECURA VARIO®, which has been tried and tested millions of times, our engineers and designers had the necessary technical edge to work out the perfect combination of rebound features and individual cushioning performance.

Competition 2
  1. Metal-free composite toe cap
  2. ERGO-SOFT ESD insole
  3. Genuine leather insole
  4. Rebound material in the forefoot and midfoot area
  5. SECURA VARIO® system
  6. Stabilising PU material in the heel area
  7. Heat resistant outsole

Unbeatable safety in sneakers look.

  • Newly designed, slip-resistant ‘TPU COMPETITION’ outsole
Competition 3
  1. Slanted heel element to avoid tripping hazards
  2. Dynamic design in sneakers look
  3. Noticeable lightness and heat resistant up to approx. 120 °C
  4. Tip protection against premature wear
  5. Lace tread design for increased rolling characteristics
  6. Reactive tread design for more slip resistance and for an optimal footprint
  • Innovation down to the smallest detail – the high-tech face materials of the COMPETITION series take on any challenge.
Competition 4

Cool styles in sneakers look

These safety shoes also make a slim foot after work.

Competition 5

Does it beep with you?

Not with us. With the exception of our BOA Fit model, all COMPETITION shoes are metal-free.

Competition 6