Vario Rebound

You want more than unique, weight-adapted heel shock absoprtion? Here you are: our SECURA-VARIO® technology – now with intelligent rebound properties. You can expect a revolution in soles!

How can you combine functions with each other which are actually contradictory? On one hand, the following properties are important in every step movement:
StabilityRoll-over propertiesComfort

On the other hand, the individual, weight-adapted damping in the heel area has the highest priority for us. This sustainably saves the back.

Thanks to the scientifically validated, weight-dependent heel shock absorption SECURA VARIO®, which has proven millions of times, our engineers and designers had the required technical advance to elaborate the perfect combination of rebound properties and individual damping performances: they gave birth to the unique VARIO REBOUND technology.

The principle:
Optimal damping in the heel area and effective return of energy in the forefoot – for you, this means: maximum comfort plus stability. Our special shoe construction reduces lever arms. This provides your foot with maximum stability in the shoe and tangible relief.

We at STEITZ SECURA are very proud of these unique characteristics.