A+A 2019 – Showing character – leaving traces
A+A 2019 – Showing character – leaving traces

STEITZ SECURA goes customized

At this year’s A+A in Düsseldorf we will present several series of individually adapted (‘Customized’) safety shoes.

The basis of this Customized concept is the technology platform Fitstation by hp. The first end-to-end solution for foot measurement, which enables both a recommendation for standard shoes and insoles and the production of 3D-printed insoles and individual shoe manufacturing.
The shoes are thus adapted to the individual anatomy of the wearer.

With no less than 10 models of the newly developed COMPETITION series, we are addressing our young consumer groups. Fresh, modern design combined with the superior Steitz technologies result in a sporty, light model series, which will be available in many variations. Whether closed S2 low shoes or airy S1 sandals, all models are fashionably light and equipped with the unique back vitality system. Modern textile upper materials dominate and the new slip-resistant sole construction also gives the shoes a sporty design.

Safety shoes for women – the next step …
We have further expanded our range of models especially for women and are presenting many new models in Düsseldorf that leave nothing to be desired. Modern, feminine design meets a high level of safety and comfort. Special women’s lasts have been used for these models, which meet the special requirements of a feminine foot. The light and flexible sole construction shines with outstanding slip resistance and abrasion resistance.

After extensive research and countless tests, the outsole PERBUNAN ACTIVE was developed. Steitz Secura presents this outsole made of nitrile rubber, which impresses with its excellent acid and alkali resistance – up to 220° C. The pronounced durability as well as a special slip and cut resistance make this sole a long-running shoe. A large number of models have been equipped with this high-tech sole.

We are looking forward to your visit: A70 in hall 3