grEEN Palatina II energy efficiency network launched

In March 2019 the energy efficiency network grEEN Palatina II was launched at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (german: IHK) for the Palatinate.

Energy experts from different companies will support each other in increasing their energy efficiency. We are also a member of this network and from now on we will work together with the participating companies for four years to achieve exceptionally high energy efficiency and at the same time significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. We are thus making an active and exemplary contribution to climate protection.

Energy efficiency networks are considered by experts to be the most effective method of saving energy costs. The exchange of experience is professionally moderated and accompanied by an engineer specialized in industrial applications. Due to the 1000-fold proven methodology, above-average increases in efficiency can be expected.

The Federal Government, together with 21 associations and organisations from industry, has launched the Energy Efficiency Networks initiative. By 2020, a total of 500 networks are expected to be operational, saving up to 75 petajoules of primary energy or 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Further information can be found at GREEN-PALATINA.DE