Whoever loves safety shoes?

Mai Hooglugt, a very talented car craftswoman, recently mentioned on her Instagram account (almost 17k follower) that she ‘loves’ our firefighter boots.

Namely our FIRE FIGHTER GORE II with GORE-TEX membrane, full-grained waterproof leather, fire-resistant NOMEX® yarn, puncture-resistant steel midsole, reinforced abrasion-resistant toe guard, functional grip for easy pull on, protection against electrostatic discharge, leather insole and – for unbeatable comfort during hard work – with the unique pressure dependent SECURA VARIO®.

Mai Hooglugt liebt die FIRE FIGHTER GORE II

Wow; that makes us once again very proud. Because we can understand it very, very well: when we make safety shoes, we always give everything – from the first drafts to the perfectly manufactured series production. Because ‘everything’ is what you give best for those you love: and that is why we at STEITZ SECURA really do not have a ‘favourite shoe’. We simply love them all.