STEITZ Med permits an individual supply of shoes and inlays

In addition to the four different widths and the weight- and stress-adapted SECURA VARIO® heel shock absorption, STEITZ Med offers individual solutions, from the extra-wide protective toe cap and type-tested shoe adjustments to the supply of orthopedic inlays and medical consulting and training. In problem solving and product development, our team is supported by Dr. med. Karl Matheis, specialist for general and occupational
The type-tested orthopedic inlays can optionally be supplied on the basis of the original insole or with the inlays of our partners. In this context, we ensure the individual consulting and adjustment of the shoe inlay system to the needs of the wearer in compliance with DGUV Rule 112-191 via a comprehensive network of orthopedic shoe technicians.

You can find more information in our STEITZ Med information brochure.

MED 1600 ESD: MED-Sicherheitshalbstiefel
MED 1500 Perbunan
MED 1100 Perbunan 1
MED 1600 ESD: MED-Sicherheitshalbstiefel
MED 1100 ESD 3
MED 1500 ESD 4
MED 1000 ESD 5