Walking and standing a lot – especially in production, this is part of daily business. The STEITZ FLEX-ZONE® supports the natural roll-over movement of the foot and thus provides for a comfortable walking sensation all day long. The multi-width system and breathable textiles complete the healthy comfort of this model series. The perbunan models of this series are our classics for a robust use in building construction. Whether in S2 or S3 with puncture resistance. Simply unbreakable.

Basic features:

  • Multi-width system
  • Leather insole


  • Reinforced toe guard
  • Reflective applications
  • Perforated design for optimal ventilation
  • Protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD)
VD PRO 3570 BOA: Sicherheitshalbschuh
VD 3070 SST: Sicherheitssandale
VD 3573 SST
VD 3570 SST
VD 3500 SST: Sicherheitshalbschuh
VD 3520 SST: Sicherheitshalbschuh
VD 1100 SST
VD 1000 SST
VX 749 Bau Perbunan
VX 473 Bau Perbunan
VX 453 Bau Perbunan
VD 4062 ESD
NF 375 Bau Alpine
VX 749 Perbunan
VX 473 Perbunan
VX 453 Perbunan
ESD AL 783 Plus
ESD AL 743 Plus
ESD AL 782 Plus
ESD AL 742 Plus
ESD AL 781 Plus
ESD AL 741 Plus
ESD AL 711 Plus
VD 2200 ESD
VD 2000 ESD